How will you spend your precious spare time this summer?

chester1For many Canadians, making the most of it means escaping by boat to explore a whole new world on the water.
You can leave all your cares and worries behind by simply pointing your bow away from land.
Your whole perspective changes as you explore the great outdoors from this new vantage point. You can explore enchanted shorelines, feel the fresh breeze ruffling your hair, enjoy picturesque sunsets, or simply float peacefully with the soft rhythms of the water. These are just a few of the irreplaceable boating moments that will 'lift your spirits and soothe your soul….'

Connect with your family!

Boy, do they grow up fast! Then they've left home… Meanwhile, it seems as if you just don't have as much in common with your kids as you'd like, that there isn't much families can do together anymore. Why not discover the joys of family boating? There's something very special about sharing the gently lapping waves, the lazy flow of currents, and the dazzling sparkle of sunlight on the shimmering surface. Something special that fills hearts with laughter, minds with peace, and faces with smiles. Yes, boating can provide your family with a wealth of experiences and a treasure-trove of shared memories. Climb aboard and your family will discover a whole new world on the water, a world that is accessible and magical for all ages. On a boat, your family can spend quality time away from life's distractions and pressures. You'll get to know your kids like never before and to appreciate their individuality, dreams and accomplishments. And best of all, your children will be able to reach out and touch you too, a connection that will endure for a lifetime, and repeat again when their kids discover boating too!